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Anti-war leaflet

`Anti-war leaflet produced by the No-Conscription Fellowship

Anti-war leaflet produced by the No-Conscription Fellowship.

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Why we object.

There are thousands of men in this country who—though able-bodied and of military age—have refrained from enlisting in the military services. We have had to face the charge of cowardice and slackness, we have had to meet the misunderstanding of even our friends.

In particular, it is generally thought that we are unpatriotic and do not care for the welfare of our countrymen. We must expect such charges and such misapprehension:  we do not desire to justify ourselves by retaliation. Least of all do we wish to sit in judgment on our fellows, or to disparage the patriotism of other people.

Let the example of those who have gone out at great sacrifice, in response to what they feel to be their highest duty, inspire us to follow the call of conscience as it has come to us with the same enthusiasm and devotion. For now has come our testing time, when we must answer for the faith that is in us to those who have authorised the compulsion of our service for the prosecution of the war.

In reply to this command what shall we say?